The secret to your TV’s clean display

Written by By Siobhan Benita, CNN New York

If you’ve ever rushed to clean your old-fashioned TECV-style flat-screen television, you’ll probably be familiar with the need to always run a paper towel over the screen — something we aren’t normally overly keen on doing, but we make an exception for when you’re dealing with an antiquated piece of art.

But, for some reason, when we switched to an HDTV years ago, we decided to surrender our squeamishness and just run the entire screen down, leaving much of the frame untouched. Not a great idea.

“The best way to keep your sets clean is by cleaning the trim of your cabinet, not the display itself,” says Andrew Maciocia, president of the Belkin of the Americas.

“I don’t think that just taking a handle and poking around the edges of the screen, the TV controls and everything else will stay clean.”

Maciocia was at the PaineWebber SolarPower Summit in New York City last week, where he had assembled an exhibit that highlighted the virtue of sealing off your TV from every angle possible.

In the rear of the booth, three flat panels stood upright, each containing different kinds of sensitive surface cleaners.

“Here is a front view of the top screen, where you’ve got the usual array of soap suds,” Maciocia says. “Then, you’ve got things like clear-alcohol based cleaners and other sorts of scouring agents — things you will use to keep your upholstery clean or freshen your leather car seat or whatever.”

Among the other items available: electric canister cleaners, night lights and basically anything you can think of to help sanitize and keep your TV clean.

“In the end, these devices do more than just clean the surfaces. In fact, our products claim over 1,000 different cleaning actions.”

Here are six cleaning acts you should try to avoid:

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