Suffolk manslaughter trial verdict delayed again

Kyle Rittenhouse’s new girlfriend gave birth to their son just three weeks ago

The verdict in British wrestling legend Kyle Rittenhouse’s manslaughter trial has been delayed until 15 April.

He was found guilty of killing 28-year-old Jenni Talbot when he drove their car into a river in August 2012.

The two-week trial ran in Suffolk and ended on 1 April.

Dozens of people packed the dock to witness the former WWE wrestler get judgement for the second time.

A not guilty verdict was first reached, after a trial which lasted seven weeks, in January, but a new group of jurists was called in due to a conflict of interest.

On 25 March, Judge Donald Sturrock QC set 15 April as the date for an appeal against the guilty verdict.

Jenni Talbot was killed after Rittenhouse drove their car into a river

The long wait for a verdict could have been avoided, had defendant Kyle Rittenhouse decided not to go through with a guilty plea at the first attempt in January.

Instead, Rittenhouse told the court that he was not guilty of manslaughter but found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving, and driving without due care and attention.

The charge carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment carried a maximum jail term of life imprisonment.

During closing statements, the defence team argued that the manslaughter charge should not have been included in the trial.

They added that the jury may have reached a conviction in the man’s overall case, but that the manslaughter charge had nothing to do with the crime itself.

It was for this reason that the defence launched its appeal.

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