Stalking and overstaying visas

When analysing case reports of stalking, “anomalies are often missed”. “Unusual behaviours such as being late or staying at home for extended periods for unexplained reasons, or the unpredictable return of an individual from which the original victim had disappeared, but it has always occurred or is considered to have occurred” are just some of the warning signs.

Incest is another common indicator, with perpetrators often using their victim’s own stories and information about family to gain a sense of credibility. In a victim’s case, the offender’s refusal to disclose their identity and guilt is often used as a rationalisation.

The frequency of the offending in the relationship is another important indicator. If both parties are showing the other hostile behaviour and are about to break up it is time to protect your own personal space.

If your partner is repeatedly staring at you or are you getting birthday cards/coconut drinks delivered to your work or home from your lover, these can be red flags that there is more going on than you first realised.

Strange symptoms which fall into the realm of psychological paranoia include sleep changes, suspiciousness about movements in the household or normal person becoming withdrawn. There are usually no outwardly observable changes in behaviour that suggest a relationship has fallen apart. These are more typical signs of lingering animosity. A romantic relationship in its early stages is in some ways different from any other. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is going to be a permanent relationship if you may not be ready to give it another chance.

When in doubt, get the police involved immediately.

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