Pete Buttigieg shot up the polls following record tweets


If Pete Buttigieg seemed like a long shot when he launched his campaign last year, suddenly he’s looking better to some after his campaign went viral in a way that no other campaign for president has done in the past 10 years.

A brief refresher: former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg began what would become a summer-long series of daily diary entries as his campaign from February 12. The daily diary chronicled his day, from his morning commute to his day in South Bend. First, he began one of the best-known tweets in presidential history:

As of this morning, my wife has been a little tardy on my morning commute back to the Oval Office #HomeToAmerica — Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) February 12, 2018

He soon followed that up with his debut campaign video. It was not an ad, but a voiceover narrated the real story of Buttigieg’s campaign. It focused on his experience as a self-made (apparently) millionaire and his nine years as a South Bend mayor.

That’s how Buttigieg caught the attention of Walter Shapiro of Politico.

Related Image Expand / Contract Mayor Pete Buttigieg (april. 2018)

Shapiro followed that up with a less consequential piece on Twitter, where he invited Buttigieg to share his thoughts with readers.

Buttigieg, of course, immediately agreed to use Twitter on Shapiro’s behalf — and all the results were spectacular.

Here, for instance, is Pete’s interview with Barrack Obama from his day in South Bend. Or here’s Buttigieg and Sharon Stone talking over lunch.

Shapiro’s other pieces on Pete are simply too good to pass up.

This is awesome. — Walter Shapiro (@waltshapiro) May 27, 2016

Up next: an interview with Hamlet and an interview with Babe Ruth.

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