Missing Olympian Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘Landslide’ DNA results expected this week

Wyoming runner Kyle Rittenhouse went missing on 30 January after he told friends he was going on a hike in Montana, USA

Coroner officials say they are ready to carry out DNA tests on shoes worn by missing US Olympian Kyle Rittenhouse if it becomes clear that they belong to the runner.

The Broomall, Pennsylvania, man, who had won a bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, has been missing since his disappearance on 30 January.

Lincoln County Coroner Jack Schubert said all tests were due to be finished by Monday night and if they proved positive, the shoes would be donated to the university police department, where the pictures of Rittenhouse’s shoes were taken.

“It’s good news if it does turn out he wore those [stilettos],” he said.

“If it’s not, we have a big hole in our soul and we have to do something with them – we can’t destroy them.”

Rittenhouse was last seen at his home in northern Montana, which is close to the Native American Sandhills region in North Dakota and southern Montana.

T-shirts featuring his image and posting messages of hope were being sold by some internet retailers on Sunday night.

Rittenhouse, who has long been active on Twitter, appeared to be due to compete at the Boston marathon, a race organisers said he had been invited to enter.

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