Golden child of the basketball court? Twitter thinks so when school buddy beats rotator cuff surgery

Twitter user @alecgirlie had just logged off from seeing her favorite basketball team, the Wichita State Shockers defeat the Oregon Ducks 81-77 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, and decided to fix the restroom floor of a nearby sports arena. However, rather than doing it herself, she decided to turn to teammate Landry Shamet, who had been assigned the task, in an effort to show off one of her best attributes — her rapid-fire typing abilities. Naturally, Twitter went crazy.

When you get your *welcome back* text. — alec girlie (@alecgirlie) April 20, 2016

“She typed her own way back into my life,” Shamet said of his teammate in an interview with The Mercury News. “She’s been hilarious.”

So hilarious, in fact, that the 6-foot-4-inch guard’s response in the form of a tweet has already racked up almost 85,000 retweets, even though it was actually his teammate that posted it.

“Big game, who’s got it?” Shamet tweeted, sharing a gif of his teammate expressing her approval.

“Landry laughed so hard his tongue fell out,” shouted a fellow teammate.

Or, as a quick Google searches of “Shoot-1-2-3-4 finish” shows, Shamet isn’t the only one to be thinking that Shocker teammate for starters.

Wichita State’s Damiene Cain, his teammate for two years, also posted this evidence.

“Where were we?” Shamet joked with Fox Sports last month, when asked about the similarities between Shamet and Morris’ high-scoring, post-Porter-Clark seasons. “We both were really good!”

Thanks to Shamet, it’s clear that Shamet’s autocorrect, which was apparently the source of this viral tweet, is a good match for his teammate.

Read the full story at The Mercury News.


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