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Slimjet Browser Complètement gratuit
Slimjet, the fastest and smart browser of the best browsers and compete with all known browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others, the browser Slim Jet free is characterized by high speed in opening the Internet pages and high speed in the download of files
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Système : Windows | Langue : Einglish | Téléchargements : 9893

Télécharger Twitter

Télécharger Twitter 7.66.0

Twitter Inc - 30MBMB - commentaires
We are talking about the famous Twitter application, which was founded in 2006 by a group of web developers. Twitter is used by millions of people around the world. It is also available for use in several different languages. Twitter offers users a limited or mini-blogging service known as Tweets that allows users to write tweets that do not exceed 140 characters and get comments and comments from other addressees. The site also provides many other services including instant chat, Text messages and more, where you can join Twitter by using an email or personal phone number and create a profile and start writing tweets and see Twitter posts published by others and receive comments and comments, Twitter is the third largest social networking site after the famous site Facebook .
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Système : Android | Langue : Arabic | Téléchargements : 83793

Opera Browser Full Gratuit
Opera is one of the best and fastest Internet browsers and it is very popular with millions of users around the world. Opera is the first major browser to contain the built-in ad blocker, which blocks annoying ads without additions and helps load web pages very quickly. Features include Opera Turbo, which works on data compression and answer the ads and helps you enjoy faster browsing, plus the advantage of the battery provider to increase the life of the laptop battery up to 50% and includes the off-road mode, which increases the speed of browsing in the case of slow communications Network Opera keeps your privacy and browsing safe by removing your browsing history, passwords, and visited sites as soon as you close the window.
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opéra 49.0

Opera Browser - 1.20 mbMB - commentaires
The majority of Internet users prefer to use a powerful and fast Internet browser to accomplish tasks and browse various web pages on the Internet. As we all know that programs Surfing the Internet is much more numerous than previously. We have talked in an earlier article entitled "The Fastest Internet Browser for Computers and Mobile", in which we present some of the best programs that offer a great experience for Internet users. Today we offer you one of the most popular browsers Opera browser is one of the most powerful browsers that has impressed many Internet users around the world. This year's Opera browser brings us a new version that has many features and features that have made it a powerful competitor to other web browsers such as Google Browser Chrome and Firefox Quantum, today's browser is available for many different operating systems, which can be used for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be used for Android and IOS phones.
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Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum 57.0

Firefox Quitem - 1MBMB - commentaires
Download the new Firefox Quitem 2018 for PC and mobile free link direct is our subject today Welcome and welcome to my followers and visitors to our valued site, as everyone knows that the Internet browsers have increased a lot recently, but the choice of the best browser is a little confusing, today we show you the best browser At any rate, there is a real revolution for Internet browsers, which aims to change the future of these programs in this area, talking about the browser giant and the best of millions of users around the world, namely Firefox, the browser comes to you with a copy It was launched in 11 of 2017 and was named Firefox Quantum, which has been developed to make it the most powerful of previous versions. It is great to say that it is the best version ever. It was developed to solve all the problems faced by many users in the past. They outperformed their competitors due to their outstanding performance.
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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 67.0

Google Chrome - 1.25MBMB - commentaires
Download Google Chrome for PC and Mobile The latest version and new features is our talk today Welcome and welcome to our followers, if we talked about Internet browsers must mention the giant browser Google Chrome is one of the powerful Internet browsers that enable you to browse the various Internet sites without which you can not Browse the Web, Google Chrome has gained worldwide popularity for its outstanding performance and simple user interface, which provides an easy and user-friendly experience. Although the browser is not old or the first of its kind, it has outperformed many In addition, Google has developed many other versions of Google Chrome that are compatible with all mobile devices running Android and Apple, as well as updates that are released periodically and continuously. For both mobile devices and computers, today we offer you the new version of the Google Chrome browser official version and the latest version and the most important features as we will show you how to download the official version of its site.
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Système : Windows | Langue : Arabic | Téléchargements : 546503

Waterfox Browser Full Gratuit
Browser Waterfox of the fastest and best browsers have won the confidence of millions of computer users in a short time, all know the Firefox browser famous for outstanding performance The company produced several browsers, similar to the Firefox browser to have additional features and distinct from these browsers, It is characterized by high speed in opening all websites from sites of video and photos and social communication and others, Waterfox browser works on devices that have a 64-bit system, the browser updates itself automatically via Internet connection, the installation method is very easy and if there is a Bern Mg Firefox on the browser and Otervoks using the Firefox browser databases are automatically removed and can not be one of them without the other device.
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Navigateur Tor

Navigateur Tor 6.0

Tor Browser - 41.76 MBMB - commentaires
Tor Browser 2018 is designed to provide privacy and identity and websites connected to the Internet, Tor browser offers you a unique and easy experience for people who are looking for privacy and hide all data while browsing the various Internet sites, Tor browser like the rest of the other Internet browsers, but different A bit of the way it communicates, it sends your connection through Tor to distract you from the surveillance to try to find out your activity on the Internet and follow your steps and hide the place connected to it. Preserving privacy while browsing the Internet is not easy, especially in the presence of this number of brain Tor Browser is a set of commands and tools that have been programmed and designed to enhance your safety and security on the Internet. Tor Browser helps you to browse, publish and instant messaging. Tor Browser provides you with all the options you need to maintain privacy and security while using the network With advanced technology that allows you to use the Internet without a trace, Tor Browser uses powerful and efficient multi-functional systems to meet the user's security and anonymity requirements. Tor's browser is available for all Windows operating systems and has a special version of the Mac operating system. For Linux and also Tor version available for Android to work on smartphones.
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Système : Windows | Langue : Arabic | Téléchargements : 94382

Navigateur sécurisé Avast
Avast Secure Browser has announced that it has discontinued its support for the SafeZone browser, which was integrated with its anti-virus program. The company has promised its users to launch a safer and faster web browser. The company has launched its new browser, Avast Secure Browser, which brings you new features. And fixes for all the errors that existed in the previous browser SafeZone and is now available as a separate program can be downloaded, which means that you no longer need to install avast antivirus software on your computer so you can try the new browser, The browser is developed by a group of security experts where you can now browse all the websites and share information without violating your privacy or tampering with your personal information as it is encrypted by the browser, the new browser offers you a new browsing experience Internet is four times faster than regular speed because it contains a tool that blocks ads within sites so that the pages load in less time and contains a set of tools that perform the functions of protection and security while browsing the various Internet sites, for example, H on the Bank Mode tool to prevent hackers from seeing passwords and credit card numbers or any personal data in addition to other SecureLine VPN tool that works to prevent espionage operations and change your geographic title
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Système : Windows | Langue : Arabic | Téléchargements : 86587

UC Browser Full Free pour Windows
The UC Browser for PC is one of the UC Browser variants that were created especially for use on desktop computers. It doesn’t require a lot of processing power, and it offers a smoother internet experience for people with a slow internet connection. This free browser for Windows is ideally suited for people with low-powered desktop computers and/or people with a slower internet connection
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