Tor Browser 7.0.2 Full Free 2018

Tor Browser 7.0.2 Full Free 2018  Download Tor Browser Tor Browser is a free program to open all blocked sites and makes you a hidden browser on the Internet, and encrypted communications so that no one can identify your site or your identity.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows XP
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Tor Browser 7.0.2 Full Free 2018 Download Tor Browser Tor Browser is a free program to open all blocked sites and makes you a hidden browser on the Internet, and encrypted communications so that no one can identify your site or your identity.

It is a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, activities and secret business relationships.

Tor Browser protects you by recoiling your connections around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers around the world.

Prevents someone watching your Internet connection from knowing which sites you’re visiting.

It also prevents sites you visit from knowing your actual location, and allows you to access blocked sites.

The browser lets you use the Tor browser on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without having to install any software. The USB flash drive can be turned on and comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your identity, which is standalone (portable).

The most important feature of the Tor Browser
No torrent through Tor
It has been noticed that you can not download Torrent files through the Tor web browser because this is because sharing files to ignore proxy settings and make direct connections even when asked to use the Tor browser. Even if your Torrent application only connects to a Tor browser, you often send your real IP address in the GET request for tracking, because that’s the way Torrent works. Do not just hide your identity for your router and your Tor browser data traffic at the same time, you can also slow down the entire Tor network to anyone else.

Do not enable or install additional browser components
The browser will block browser plug-ins such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime and others: it can be manipulated to detect your IP address. Similarly, do not install additional extensions or extensions in TorBrowser, as this may bypass the browser or otherwise harm your identity and privacy. Unlike other web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, you can not add applications and add-ons.

Use HTTPS versions of websites
The browser will encrypt your traffic to and within the Tor network, but encrypting traffic to the final destination site depends on that website. To help ensure web site encryption, the browser includes HTTPS Everywhere to force the use of HTTPS encryption with the major websites that support it. However, you should follow the browser’s URL bar to make sure that websites that provide sensitive information display a blue or green URL bar button.

Do not open documents downloaded through a Tor search engine while you are connected to the Internet
Tor browser will warn you before automatically opening documents processed by external applications. Do not ignore this warning. Be careful when downloading documents through the Tor browser (especially DOC and PDF files). These documents can contain Internet resources that will be downloaded outside Tor through the application that opens it. This will reveal the Tor server’s IP address.

Use bridges and / or search for a company
Tor Browser tries to prevent attackers from knowing the destination websites you’re connected to. However, by default, anyone watching Internet traffic does not prevent you from knowing that you are using Tor. If this matters to you, you can reduce this risk by configuring the Tor browser to use the Tor bridge relay instead of directly connecting to the public Tor network.

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