‘You guys saved my life,’ Britney Spears tells #FreeBritney movement

The singer urges people to #FreeBritney on social media to ‘support her until she realizes she has some really bad fans’

‘You guys saved my life,’ Britney Spears tells #FreeBritney movement

“What’s up, guys?”

Britney Spears signed off a recent tweet with a familiar greeting from her hit song Baby One More Time. “#FreeBritney” she said. “This is for all of you guys helping to spread awareness about bullying/abuse. I can’t believe how strong you all are,” she said.

It’s been six years since Spears completed her third season as a judge on The X Factor, but the pop princess still has fans. #FreeBritney, a hashtag beginning with her first name, has amassed over 50,000 tweets on Wednesday since singer Sia fired off the hashtag in support of Spears.

The singer has previously survived instances of abuse and bullying, and is increasingly optimistic about her future as a mother, according to Rolling Stone.

The singer posted a video clip on Instagram that showed her being led up an escalator by bodyguards. She and her former manager, Larry Rudolph, are both currently being sued by Rudolph’s son Scott, and the video reportedly shows them not protecting Spears after she got injured during a surprise performance in Sweden last month. “Larry and I walked up to the first elevator, but we couldn’t get up. It was like a chain reaction because my security guys and one of her bodyguards were banging at the doors, so we had to be let out again,” Rudolph told the outlet. “But as I made my way down, I saw a sick man on the other side of the escalator. My head was down, and my back was turned to her as I was climbing the escalator. She came out of the next stairwell with her foot on the gas pedal and she went full speed ahead and we had to push her into the escalator.”

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