With government running out of cash, will we shut down again?

With the government running out of cash as of Tuesday, President Donald Trump has blasted Democrats for not passing a budget and a short-term spending bill.

Trump said Saturday that failure to pass a budget will “lead to a shutdown tomorrow” if Democrats do not do a “deal.”

“Republicans in Congress must fulfill their responsibility to pass a budget, something they have failed to do for many months,” Trump tweeted. “This is the product of their willful oversight. The Democrats are to blame for the shutdown.”

Aides said there is “no plan” to pass a spending bill right now in Congress, and they expected the government to remain shut down, unless it is tied to a significant package of immigration reform.

A short-term spending bill would likely be the preferred solution for Democrats, as they did with the last government shutdown in 2013. A 2015 fiscal year spending bill passed on a vote of 256-167.

But even if Democrats fail to pass a measure, Trump can still sign the short-term spending bill himself since he is not a part of Congress.

That would leave the funding discussion to the same lawmakers who nearly shut down the government last weekend, when they could not come to an agreement.

Currently, a group of senators, mainly Democrats, are trying to pass legislation to fund the government beyond the September 30 deadline that includes protections for immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children. However, talks over the weekend led to a breakdown in negotiations, which some lawmakers suggested may have been due to Trump’s continuing insistence that his preferred border wall does not need to be covered by the spending bill.

A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, did not respond to a request for comment about the appropriateness of Trump’s proposal for the next round of fiscal talks, but a Schumer aide has previously said the Minority Leader doesn’t believe a short-term spending bill would be a good idea given that it would run the risk of yet another government shutdown.

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