What’s the CNN Hero of the Year? Vote for this year’s winner here

Who are you? Is there a person who goes beyond what you think they should do to make a difference in the world?

Vote below for the CNN Hero of the Year for 2018, the annual recognition that recognizes people from all over the globe that dedicate their lives to making a positive impact in the world.

The nominees this year include employees of Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Uber, Intel, and Facebook, as well as a number of notable grassroots organizations. The choice is yours to make.

The CNN Hero of the Year will be the recipient of a $500,000 donation, and CNN will feature the recipient on air and in special ways throughout the year, including a sweepstakes with prizes such as a lifetime subscription to National Geographic and upgraded Google Pixel 3. The winning nominee will also be featured in CNN Films.

The nominees this year are:

*NO ONE can afford to sleep comfortably for less than $1 per day. Lilly. (Lilly the Leprosy Care

in Ethiopia)

*Melinda Green has had her incredible passion to help women overcome their dreams since she was a little girl. (Impact Innovations Association)

*Paul Campbell witnessed the horrors of the Rwandan genocide and wanted to make a difference. (Plaza de arbol, Tusana Foundation)

*There are no more Lebowskys without Günter Thieneren. (Immigrants for Refugee Protection)

*Standing up against the abuses of ageism is causing an uproar. At 90-years-old, U.S. Navy veteran Calvin Roberson is stepping out in front and making a change. (Age Equality),

*Brenda Delgado was called a lazy Indian due to her name and her accent. A look into her upbringing and a second chance at life changed this woman’s perspective. (Indianas Mission, Social Workers)

*After suffering from two traumatic injuries, Robyn Lalmanik is using her gifts to help others around the world. (Grandma’s House of Hope)

*Giorgina Drago from the Philippines spent years trying to help her family escape from poverty and I.S.A. in Cebu, but she fought against herself to keep going. Today, she is helping children fight poverty across her homeland. (I.S.A)

*In the depths of winter, Kristine Klukas collected and donated more than 8 million gallons of water. She is focusing on building sustainable water management systems to make sure everyone has access to clean water, from his village in Uganda to a container in Vietnam. (Kalka Foundation)

*Having an artistic background, Emily Reagan’s passion for making a difference is rooted in the art of custom canvas art. Her work for Lumina International supports people living with spinal cord injuries around the world. (Emily Reagan)

*Employees at Facebook call Enid Buisman “Mother Earth.” (Enid Buisman)

*Overseeing hundreds of children from John H. Johnson High School in Metro-Atlanta, Dr. Mary Beth Ward is the single woman at the helm of a school that has never failed a student, not once. (Atlanta Public Schools Partnership for Education)

*Architect Dihel Bekman, named “The 10th Wonder of the World” by Time Magazine in 2003, has been busy designing

beacon-like living spaces and sustainable landscapes in Israel and throughout the Middle East. (Green Star Architects)

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