What is the NRSC’s message to Biden?

“Vice President Biden should publicly apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse, not just for his insult and his vulgar language, but for the way he has treated people over the course of his entire career. Biden has never been one to show true respect for people’s views and opinions.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has released a letter to Vice President Joe Biden demanding that he apologize for his remarks. In the letter, NRSC chairman Tom Cotton and senior adviser Ron Bonjean say that the remarks Biden made about Fox News host Kyle Rittenhouse should be a “deep embarrassment” to Biden.

Cotton released this statement about the remarks:

“Today, Vice President Biden again treated an American citizen who challenged him with a derogatory insult, a vulgar word, and nothing more. At a time when his administration has fumbled a number of critical issues and the country is in turmoil, his behavior should be a deep embarrassment to him, and he should publicly apologize for his attack on an American citizen and Fox News host.

This isn’t the first time Biden has shown a disregard for those who are different from him, and it won’t be the last.

Congressman Tom Cotton, a native American who has firsthand experience with the degrading treatment reserved for minorities, should not be unfairly made to endure President Obama’s comments about the shutdown.”

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took to Twitter after Biden made the remarks on Fox News Sunday.

“You have no record of accomplishments and are no stranger to denigrating women, minorities and the LGBTQ community.”

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove had harsh words of his own for Biden, saying that Biden’s “poster child” will be impeached.

Biden said this weekend on Fox News Sunday that President Donald Trump is “playing with fire” by refusing to back down from a border wall and that Congress needs to provide “additional support” to build it.

“What’s going on here is he’s creating a situation where the Republican Party is going to have to answer, a crystal clear choice, which option they prefer. For example, do you want to impeach the President, take him down?” Biden said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on Biden’s comments on Sunday.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody cared more about the country than what they think about their next political career?” Pelosi said.

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