Tonight’s TV highlights: Hangover Watcher brings Brexit to life … with Gareth Malone … from the Back Page

Hangover Watcher brings Brexit to life … with Gareth Malone … from the Back Page

On today’s TV highlights: Tomorrow’s World (BBC1, 9pm); half of Born to Kill – a guide to the series’ potential killers, shooters and traitors – is screened; Build the Colosseum (Channel 4, 8pm); a global survey of their infrastructure (BBC Two, 9pm); Extreme Survival, which stops to talk to themselves and Richard Branson, catches up with its star, Tommy Bowe, up for another worldwide trip (Channel 5, 9pm). The Naked Bake Off (Channel 4, 10pm); Another Time, Another Place with Andrew Graham-Dixon (BBC4, 9pm) – another three shows for you to go and watch, but if you’re absolutely loth to watch this superbesty called Hangover Watcher, here’s a way round it: Gareth Malone, who conducted a shadow inspection of Brexit on Born to Kill, leads an impromptu dance party to celebrate it on Thursday’s Fame Academy (BBC1, 9pm).

Logo TV channel’s biggest year yet. Photograph: Mark Rowland

You might need to watch a lot of repeats of Selling Sunset (M4, 6.30pm) to get through all the lavish, florid, overabundant humanity on TV. Recently seen, Dispatches’ Omnibus (Channel 4, 8pm), is also a great series, profiling house buyers’ vices, histories and desires. It’s pretty much the eternal drama, then.

Him and Her (BBC1, 8pm) has its Christmas special tonight, and a slightly shocking revelation from the opening episode (planned high summer told to the end of January!). It’s a short, but glorious, one.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast (Channel 4, 8pm) is now screening its first series, and the new episodes begin with a Yuletide focus. I guess there’s always Boxing Day.

Hotel Hell with short houses and velvet ropes (Channel 5, 9pm) moves its spots into early January. Meanwhile, Lane 20 (Channel 4, 10pm) – yes, you, St Petersburg – is on TV again, unfortunately for me.

Simon Hattenstone

Cineworld, West Hampstead, London. Photograph: Gary Calton

Late-night TV on Sushi Diaries (Channel 4, 12.30am) and Alexei Sayle’s Hit and Miss (Channel 4, 1am). Gary Lineker has also recorded a radio show; Danny Dyer has a podcast. The Daily Burn will recap his show, Strictly, from 6.30pm; Sally Phillips is on Strictly on BBC2 at 9pm; It Takes Two, currently playing its final episode of the series, is on BBC2 at 10pm; then it’s on to two more (a double set on BBC4 at 10.30pm), and then Emmerdale at 9pm; we’re ten minutes in to Full Monty Live and Shout, with Nadia Sawalha, Johnny Vegas and Katherine Ryan; the bad girl of TV soap, Stephanie Beacham, is with Jamie Oliver on Sky1 at 10.40pm.

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