This Old Avenger Is Returning To TV — Here’s What He’s Doing Next

As Hawkeye on Marvel’s Avengers franchise, Jeremy Renner has played Jason Bourne, Nick Fury, HYDRA boss William Hurt and others.

Now, he’s joining the ensemble of CBS’s upcoming Magnum P.I. reboot.

In the show (which debuts on CBS 8:30pm ET on Thursday, January 24), Renner will star as Thomas Magnum, a World War II vet (yes, like the original show) who’s only got himself to blame for the death of his wife and the dissolution of his family. Forced out of retirement, Magnum is asked to help a disbarred nephew (Jay Hernandez) by tracking down a woman he kidnapped, only to discover the person held hostage has been working for the head of some kind of international crime syndicate. The series will premiere on the night in question.

Renner’s other big TV project is the Netflix revival of Longmire.

In a new clip, which was released on Facebook Live, Renner says, “I mean seriously, I got to go into this one and just say I’m impressed with Jeremy [Alexander], James [Frecheville] and all of these guys who have been behind me in a cop show from the beginning. I’m just standing here going, man that is amazing to have that type of camera light on you.”

The actor, who’s friends with Hemsworth, adds, “David has his own show, Chris has his own show, Logan [Lanahan] has his own show, it’s pretty cool being on a production company that is owned by such great people.”

In July, Renner had told EW that he was looking forward to reuniting with his Oscar-nominated Avengers co-star Chris Hemsworth on Longmire.

“Chris was going to be on the reunion, then he got cast in his thing,” Renner said. “He’s definitely coming on for some episodes. We always share memories, hang out, but it’s tricky because when [Longmire] finished, and when I was still in the Marvel universe, that’s really not something that worked. It was mostly shooting in Arizona, and there are times when I get calls and that goes out and I’m like, ‘Chris, that’s Longmire—that’s an acting job. Don’t call me.’”

After Season 3, Renner has multiple projects in the works. He has a role in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time as well as 2 Guns with Denzel Washington. He has been directing and starring in films for years—most recently, the first season of A Kind of Murder.

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