The rapper who was shot and critically injured after attending a concert died in hospital

The tragedy of the unsolved murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, a symbol of the city’s hip-hop scene, has already unfolded like something out of a violent video game. On Saturday, a gunman opened fire on Dolph’s tour bus as it was leaving a V Live concert in Shelby County, Tennessee. Dolph was shot multiple times in his legs and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. After recovering, Dolph was taken off life support and died on Sunday.

“I just want a death certificate for him and his momma,” Dolph’s girlfriend, Sasha Jones, told CNN. “But I’m not trying to create drama or anything. I’m just trying to be there for Dolph’s mom.”

According to police, the shooting was connected to a drug conspiracy investigation. Jones believes that the crime was caused by the fact that the rapper had recently broken up with one of her friends, Jaquae Mims, who is one of the alleged people involved in the investigation.

Though much of the case remains unsolved, police are confident that they will soon apprehend those responsible for Dolph’s death.

“I know a person who saw the alleged shooter,” Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham told The Tennessean. “He is being interviewed every hour.”

Dolph is survived by two children.

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