Social media goes ‘crazy’ over Stapleton chant

Posted by Peter Holmes a Court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The social media world of Canada is abuzz over what appears to be a chant about the suicide of a slain Australian hockey player, but some say it’s just a harmless joke.

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Stapleton video – “Chris is getting the news”

Posted by Peter Holmes a Court in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A video posted on Twitter and widely retweeted appears to show Stapleton himself commenting about Austrailian hockey player Chris Kunitz’s suicide at a concert in Toronto. In the clip, a man wearing a Stapleton t-shirt chants “Chris is getting the news”, a fact first revealed by a Twitter user in the United States.

The video has since been deleted from Stapleton’s social media accounts, and appears to have been seen by a producer for his Canadian concert tour, resulting in another thread and sharing on several music sites.

WATCH: Fans say they can’t believe Stapleton chant is ‘prank’

Singer Chris Stapleton reportedly chants “Chris is getting the news” at a Toronto concert — NESN (@NESN) October 9, 2016

“No one who’s heard this is really sure what just happened at Toronto Stapleton concert and everyone is freaking out,” wrote another user, adding that the incident was “glaring proof of the ‘don’t mention suicide’ syndrome”.

While the clip appears to show Stapleton’s words, there has been no confirmation as to whether it’s actually him at the microphone.

“We didn’t hear this myself,” Stapleton responded to the comments on Twitter. “Wasn’t sure if that was the words that came out of my mouth.”

Stapleton later replied to one Twitter user that he wasn’t involved in the chant, while tweeting “#‎BELIEVE IN LIFE #‎StapletonBTS!”.

AP was unable to confirm whether Stapleton was speaking or singing at the concert, or what the chant actually was.

The 29-year-old Cronulla forward committed suicide on Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

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“We are heartbroken to share the news that Hockey star Chris Kunitz has passed away at the age of 29,” the Kunitz family said in a statement. “Chris’s death is a devastating loss to those who knew him, to those who loved him and to those who are struggling with grief at this time.”

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) released a statement in response to the video, confirming the death of Kunitz.

“Our thoughts are with his wife and children at this time,” the AOC said.

There’s been no statement from Stapleton or his team, but several of his fellow countrymen have taken to social media to comment on the situation.

“If anything great happens this is the moment to do it – NEVER DO THIS AGAIN,” tweeted Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

“Gutted to hear about Chris Kunitz,” wrote Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell. “You will be missed my friend, greatly.”

If anything great happens this is the moment to do it – NEVER DO THIS AGAIN — nick Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios) October 10, 2016

Gutted to hear about Chris Kunitz. You will be missed my friend, greatly. I’m in shock. Now get well soon — Glenn Maxwell (@GlennMaxwell10) October 10, 2016


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