Opinion and comment questions for Santa

If you are free on Easter weekend – Sunday 26 March – then you can help the truth-seeking team at the Guardian hold its first Christmas-themed hoax letter under investigation.

Santa’s pressing request

Last December, Santa bought the Guardian as part of his department’s Christmas shopping. He remains hugely grateful to the real Guardian for including the article with the donation and Christmas party promotions. Over the next two months, Santa is following up with his elves to discover how the letter got to us, so he can investigate if it is the real deal and if so, to his dismay, could he face libel charges from the paper’s mistake?

This year, after reading that someone else bought the Guardian before Christmas and has passed it on to the Christmas letter team, Santa intends to revise his stand-alone donation into a celebration of the contribution readers make to the Guardian in general.

How to get involved

Do you have a Christmas gift to offer Santa? Can you contact him at [email protected]

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