Nearly two-thirds of German dogs live inside

Remember when we complained about shutting off our dogs during our weekend-long, insanely busy, well-intentioned trip to Berlin? Well, it turns out the canine monarchy itself spends nearly twice as much time at home as in the outdoors.

The latest figures from pet insurance provider Petplan suggest that seven in ten dogs are “leashed or kept indoors far more than they should be.” Those dogs aren’t actually just spending less time outside, either. A third are spending longer periods than 24 hours inside, and two thirds have a dog park in their neighborhood (and often not even that!)

OK, that’s a pretty damning indictment of your dog’s quality of life, but what’s really weird is that one in four dogs will spend “nearly half the year outdoors only” (which is up from 21% four years ago). You mean this incredible outdoor life we’re all so lovingly describing isn’t the time those dogs were supposed to be outside? The dog life I promised my wife during our trip to Prague, where we had a dog park (And, like, two other times)? It was a lie.

Maybe we’ve learned nothing from 2017’s hellish Arctic weather, even though a dog’s life matters a hell of a lot more than a cat’s.

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