Meghan Markle appears on ‘Ellen’ and reveals which TV show made her want to become an actress

Ellen DeGeneres asked the duchess what she’d do if she got a chance to become a member of the royal family. “Have you ever thought about becoming a nanny to Kate and her children?” DeGeneres asked.

“That’s a good idea,” Meghan responded. “I can look after them all day long!”

An even bigger surprise came when DeGeneres asked how old Meghan was when she was inspired to become an actress.

“Um, 22. My dad auditioned for ‘Guiding Light.’ I think I played his girlfriend. I auditioned for ‘Good Times’ at 13, so I’ve done both of those,” Meghan said, adding that she never regretted her choice. “It didn’t work out, but it’s worked out in the end. It’s very good. I’m very grateful that I got to do both.”

In August, Meghan said during her historic royal debut that she was 19 when she landed the role of Regina George in “Mean Girls.”

In addition to the live show in Australia, DeGeneres is also broadcasting the special from the shows’ UK offices as “me-chat.” In an interview with People, DeGeneres said: “It’s going to be fun. I know everybody’s wondering if [the royals] will be there, and they will be there.”

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