Leo Nocentelli Gets a Solo Career, 50 Years Late review – rapturous pianist revisits extraordinary era

Jazz Leo Nocentelli Gets a Solo Career, 50 Years Late Listen to an interview with the Meters’ Nocentelli in this new 60-minute recording The Meters’ Nocentelli Gets a Solo Career, 50 Years Late from Willie Orsini

Nine decades have passed since Leo Nocentelli recorded one of his immortal tracks – the urgent but gentle Le Vida Mala on a 1962 demo tape, which he still has on vinyl. He only got a solo career one year later, when he had the right combination of experience and fresh material. But the changes that followed – going from pianist with the Meters, the Wailers and the Riptides, to the music director of the post-Progressive Americana band Vanity Fair, to co-producer of prog-rock prog-rockers Yes – had longer periods of marriage and separation. When he finally returned to composing, he was touched by the tributes to King Crimson and, later, Elliott Smith, both of whom he had collaborated with. Now, just ahead of the 50th anniversary of his first solo LP, Nocentelli explores these epic emotional surges and crashing dissonances with expert virtuosity and vivid post-trance imagery in A Very Leo Nocentelli Solo Career, 50 Years Late.

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