Iran agrees to follow schedule for restarting nuclear talks with world powers

Reuters reported on Thursday that Iran agreed to a timetable for talks on a nuclear deal and that Iran’s government would soon announce the resumption of negotiations with the world powers that the Obama administration kept out of the negotiations. The talks were already scheduled to restart after a Christmas break. The Reuters report is part of a general trend since President Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States was pulling out of the nuclear agreement that brings benefits to Iran.

The European powers have agreed to set up a so-called “way of work” for the Iranian nuclear negotiators. But the sides are still deeply divided on how far they should go in selling their offer to Iran. Trump has reportedly also pushed the Europeans not to be too ambitious, keeping the Iranians on board but achieving nothing.

Another round of talks is scheduled for Berlin, but there are few signs of movement between the Europeans and their U.S. counterparts. Experts say that the United States is not likely to offer the Iranians anything significant and that the best the Iranians can hope for is a temporary reprieve from the economic penalties that would otherwise be applied if the deal is breached.

Vice President Mike Pence has accused Europeans of trying to “rubber stamp” the Iranian nuclear deal while Russian and Chinese attempts to convince the West to make significant concessions to Iran have failed. Western leaders have been left to negotiate the terms of the new talks with Iran.

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