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VideoSolo Free Video Converter 1.0.8 full free
VideoSolo Free Video Converter is a unique video conversion software, where all features allow you to free other conversion programs that are mostly free. The program is produced by VideoSolo and has many conversion programs.
Update : 11-18-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 2736543


VIFilm2018 1.0

Valeri Vlassov - 4.55MB - comments
VIFilm2018The program collects images within one movie and then can play this video by any video driver and supports jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png, wmf, emf, cur, ico You can view each image on its own and you can zoom in and out. You can select all images using the shortcuts Ctrl + A and you can open the special properties using the 'P' shortcut and use the 'F' key to start the movie You can open more than one image in more than one frame and many features and it has a simple and easy to use interface for pagination Please click the download link ...
Update : 11-17-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 5310

Max 3GP PDA MP4 Video Converter2018
Max 3GP PDA MP4 Video Converter2018The best program to convert video files to and from the following formats 3GP PDA MP4, the program is very powerful program in the conversion and easy to use, the program to convert video files in various formats to other formats completely with a very short period of time compared to other programs in this area, His favorite videos to any format he needs to put them on the mobile device or mobile multimedia player and the like, the program is high quality and fast work is characterized simply by the list and ease of dealing with him and certainly easy to install.
Update : 11-09-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 1948

Free Video Cutter2018

Free Video Cutter2018 2018

unknown - 6.12MB - comments
Free Video Cutter2018 If you want to crop your video quickly and easily, leave the task to Free Video Cutter. Free Video Cutter is a small program that does exactly what its name implies, with no frills or additions. Can input, send and save MPEG4, DivX, WMV, MOV, FLV or MP3 formats (including conversions), without deceptive appearances.
Update : 11-06-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 1372


Miro2018 1.2.8

unknown - 20 MB - comments
Miro2018 Miro is one of the best programs that helps you download video from the internet and deal with it on your computer It remembers where you left off the video and when you open the video again it starts where you left off. The program also creates a thumbnail for each video that does not have a thumbnail so you can see this image without opening the video.
Update : 11-06-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 13476

Windwos Live Movie Maker 2018
Windwos Live Movie Maker 2018 is an easy-to-use program that allows the user to create video by placing pictures, video, music and special effects to create a presentation in easy and simple steps. This program is part of Windows Live Essentials where Windows Live Movie Maker is installed when Essentials is installed and undesirable. This program works only on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The more things that distinguish this program are the ease of making video you just need the pictures you want to use and the music you want is all that.
Update : 11-06-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 1355

subtitle workshop 6.01 r7
subtitle workshop 6.01 r7 One of the strongest programs in the field of translation of films and videos. Supports all formats of translation files on the Internet All you have to do is search the online translation file and then install it into your computer Then select the video to be translated from the program and then choose the translation file you downloaded Then you will see the translation in front of you and next to each statement the time it will appear in seconds Liki can provide translation
Update : 11-06-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 1354

VideoCompressor v1.0 full free
VideoCompressor is one of the easiest and easiest programs to compress the size of video clips such as movies and other videos with a longer period, the size of which is quite large, which makes it difficult to upload it on the Internet or transferred to other devices, this program will help you reduce and compress the size of the video by a good In order to reduce the space of the video, but what distinguishes the program, although it is fast in the treatment of this process, but the sections that compression does not occur by poor quality, it focuses heavily on maintaining the accuracy and quality of video, and has a graphical interface easy and easy to use, Supports video formats Many popular, such as FLV, WMV, SWF, MPEG MP4, 3GP, M4V, AVI, MKV, MOV, F4V, RM .. and others.
Update : 10-31-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 46395845

Icecream Slideshow Maker v3.46 full free
Icecream Slideshow Maker is a free and easy to use program that helps you create a video clip from your personal photos or pictures with many other features to make it a professional video and effects make the images aesthetic if you can modify the video and add a wonderful transitional effect to move between the images in addition to modify the transition time Between the picture and the other according to your choice as you can add a favorite music clip on this video, and after completion you can preview the video before saving on your computer, if not convenient you can modify it, if appropriate can save the highest resolution up to 1920 × 1080 and gives you the possibility of Edit the formula as well.
Update : 10-31-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 3265053

MovieCut v2019.4.1 full free
MovieCut is a simple freeware program for editing videos by cutting and cutting unwanted video clips to improve your viewing experience. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of dark clips or add music to your video. In many ways. The purpose of this function is to improve the experience of watching your videos in a few minutes, is characterized by the speed of processing things and modifications and has a simple graphical interface to facilitate the use of the program.
Update : 10-31-2018 | Category : Video Editors
System : Windows | Language : Arabic | Downloads : 50012