The wonders of numbers2018

The wonders of numbers2018The need for census has emerged thousands of years ago, when mathematics came to translate all cosmic phenomena into complex or simplified calculations to explain what might happen

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The wonders of numbers2018The need for census has emerged thousands of years ago, when mathematics came to translate all cosmic phenomena into complex or simplified calculations to explain what might happen in the future about a phenomenon. How many times a day the moon appears, how many hours a day, how many hours of daylight, and so on. And the man resorted to the development of special definitions for him to distinguish the number of each phenomenon so that he can add to or detract from it whenever the need arises so Nahina about the fact that the number is the first interpreter to start the phenomenon or end. Since the Pharaonic era, mathematics has evolved in order to calculate the number of kings and land areas, to plan wars and to build weapons structures, to predict the time of the holidays and even to calculate the age. There are kings of the temple made him enter the sun on the day of his birth and out of him radiated somehow on the day of his death in the account done for himself. We emphasize the previous phenomenon in its validity or hypothesis, but we confirm that the numbers and sequences of computations have a very deep meaning that we may not understand we are the public only after an in-depth study in mathematics.
And comes the Islamic era and descend on our Prophet miracle miracle of the Koran to lay new foundations in the paranormal numbers and the census. Hence, many scholars are eager to study and understand the figures mentioned in the Holy Quran as a wise text that has a secret and the implications of these figures in our lives.
Explain and evaluate the wonders of numbers
This book has focused its attention on digital wonders everywhere, including the mention of the Koran. The book is wonderful by all standards. The book will show you a number of numbers and wonders in the calculation and its implications. Also displays whether the number was multiplied by a certain number What would be the output? How many numbers can I divide by number? What is its meaning in nature and how many natural phenomena bear this figure in its number such as the number 7, the seven heavens and the earths 7 and the wonders of the world seven … etc.
In the wonders of numbers, for example, the number 2520, if we calculate the half, one third, one quarter, five, one sixth, seven, nine, and ten, we found that all of them are correct numbers and there are no fractions.
Number 37 If hit in number 3 or number of multiples will produce the number of numbers are all similar to each other, for example if we hit 37 in 3 is the result of the multiplication of 111 and if
We hit 37 in 6, the score is 222, and if we hit 37 in 9 the result is 333, and if we hit 37 in 4, the result is 444 and so
What is remarkable in Wonderland is the wonder of figure 7, for example … that if the number 7 or its multiplication is multiplied by the number 15873, a similar number is produced in its numbers. For example, if we hit 7 in 15873 we produce 111111 and if we hit 14 in 15873, the number 222222 is produced and if we hit 21 in 15873 we produce 333333 and if we hit 28 in 15873 we produce 444444 and so
If we take another example, the numbers 8 and 5. If they are hit in some, the result is 40. If the number 8 is repeated in the multiplied number, the number increases in the number of squares on the right of the 40
Example: 5 in 8 equals 40. 5 in 88 equals 440. 5 in 888 equals 4440 and so on
The wonders of numbers
– gives you a full profile of some cosmic phenomena and the equivalent of figures that explain their appearance or prediction
Helping to do some mathematical and mathematical calculations easily by expecting their results?

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