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Today we show you how to cut off the Internet using Android phones. Instead of using a computer or laptop for this purpose, you can only do it with your mobile phone with the click of a button. The idea is that some people who are on the same network or router use the Internet badly or pull the Internet speed in continuous downloads, so you will notice that your Internet speed has become very weak and you will not be able to perform browsing or use the chat software and applications either on your computer Or even your personal phone. On the other hand, there is a way to disconnect the Internet from the devices connected to the network through the computer, and we have shown here on the site, and you will find the link of them is located below

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Cut off the Internet from callers:
All you will need now is your Android phone, and you will install the NetCut application on this page. The application is available free of charge to all Android users, but it needs the powers of the routine and allows you to cut off the net from the callers for free.

Once the application is installed on your phone, turn it on, and you will click on the network check mark as shown above, so the application will scan the Internet and the router. Your phone must be connected to the same Internet that you want to control and disconnect the Internet from connected devices. Then you will see all the devices connected to the router, where you will find the device name and the IP number of each device and MAC address Mac Adress, and you can disconnect the Internet from any device connected with ease.

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