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JDownloader is a free program that is included in the file download programs and is used to download video clips, music and all files of media, movies, programs or games from the Internet, which achieves the highest level of speed in downloading files from the Internet, and also provides some important features in any download program such as fragmentation files and work It also allows you to download files from any browser you have through a special add-in so that the link between the browser and the program, and do not worry that the program supports all media formats, whether video or songs.

Software details

2 Beta
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP
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Software description

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JDownloader Features:
When you install the program you will be asked to install the Java program on the computer until the program is run, after the implementation of the program and will run the program will appear easy graphical interface can be customized where the program developers allow you several themes to choose from them, we note in the corner of the program there is an index of the speed of the Internet currently on your device , And below we’ll find your upload history.

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