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It is important for all laptop users to keep the battery and extend its life span, as it is important to know how important it is, and how inexpensive it is. With us today, Battery Optimizer, which will help you to maintain the efficiency and tool of the laptop battery and prolong life through some of the tools and techniques in it.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows XP
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Battery Optimizer features:
This program is characterized by a distinctive operating interface as shown in the pictures, which is characterized by professionalism and simplicity at the same time. Note from the main window of the program is the shape of the battery and its charge rate and a green button with the name Run Diagnostic. In a nutshell, Battery Optimizer will increase the battery charge for as long as possible. The program shows you the battery status and how efficient it is.

When you open the Battery Optimizer it will scan the laptop battery and will calculate the charge ratio, how efficient it is and what action to take to improve it. When you open the program you will notice that the main operating interface contains several tabs as shown in the pictures. Of these tabs there is a tab labeled Monitoring, which shows you a graph showing the battery charge and actual usage. The main tab is as I mentioned above, it displays the main data concerning the battery in terms of its condition and the remaining charge rate.

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