Dog camera enables owners to video call

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A number of dogs are using the device to communicate with humans

There’s now a device that lets your dog video call you.

Yes, you read that right.

LipDuine C’est Si Bon, developed by Bokeh, claims to be the world’s first behavioural tracker for dogs – allowing them to use it as a camera to send videos and photos back to their owners.

It uses ultra-high-definition cameras and software to recognise emotions such as fear and surprise, which are then transmitted back to their owner.

Through its connected app, owners can see the videos and photos in real time, with their dog’s narration.

LipDuine C’est Si Bon is now on sale and is sold for $129 (£88).

Image copyright Nivek Patishic Image caption You can also use it to call someone nearby in case your pet needs help with something or needs something to eat

The device is a follow-up to Bokeh’s first dog tracker, called ‘LipDuine’.

LipDuine C’est Si Bon is billed as the “only product that brings vision to your dog’s ear”.

“It’s very exciting that Bokeh and LipDuine have joined forces for this revolutionary product,” said Bernie Netter, marketing manager at Bokeh.

“We hope that the world will use this technology to enhance the loving relationships between dogs and their owners and to open up a whole new world of fun possibilities for dogs and their owners.”

LipDuine C’est Si Bon is set to start shipping in the US on April 16. In the UK and Ireland, it is expected to launch in May, and the device is priced at £70.

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