Canadians online on what ‘Buy Canadian’ policies mean for the economy

Nigel Blacklock: “Buy Canadian” policies made sure that stimulus spending was at home rather than in foreign countries – and so prevented a damaging trade war.

What are we, supposed to do?


Canadians Online

Ottawa Post: Ottawa likely to respond to American protectionism with new “Buy Canadian” policy Thomas Walkom: Thanks to policies to keep it homegrown – or rather ‘us’s’ homegrown, taken care of through a series of “Buy Canadian” deals – Canada has been able to avoid a trade war with the United States. But more American tariffs are expected on Canadian steel and aluminum, and Canadians will not get any relief from lower tariffs that President Donald Trump imposed in January. Read more …

Canadians Online: Does Trump know why he’s hurting us? Thomas Walkom: America’s decision to further protect its steel and aluminum industries – despite Canadian evidence that our markets were ready for those industries to recover – has cost Canada dearly, in jobs and economic output. …

After a year of hit-and-miss interventions in the global economy, we can begin to make plans to counteract. Unfortunately, it looks like this may not be the best time for Canada to try to protect its steel and aluminum industries. “Canada in the South,” Daphne Bramham: After 10 years of freezing out China, Canada is now lining up with Washington against Chinese aluminum imports, according to a new study. Let’s imagine how many jobs would have been created in Canada and the US if this trade war had taken place a decade ago. Read more …

Canadians Online: What it feels like to be an American exporter because of tariffs (2) Posted by Canadian Stock Report / 25 Jul 2018

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