Boyfriend of slain rap star Young Dolph posts touching post on Instagram

Bobby “Black” Plummer was devastated on Thursday after learning that his friend and collaborator, rapper Young Dolph, was shot to death by an unknown assailant.

Hours later, Mr. Plummer responded to Young Dolph’s death on social media.

“Rest in peace my brother. As a brother of the game a lot of people won’t understand, but respect to all the people that did reach out and keep the positivity in my life. Positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome. #PRAYERSFORBROWN,,” he wrote on Instagram.

Young Dolph was among the first to talk about the rap star’s death on social media. “All we had was each other. I ain’t never seen nobody like me so it ain’t no how I’mma get over this … I’m way worse than the average person,” he said.

The Florida native was buried on Friday. And the Brownsville High School, where the rapper had attended school in Brooklyn, got into the wake with a song in his honor.

Brianna Wilder, 17, told The New York Times that she taught the lyrics to the Atlanta rapper her 2007 junior recital.

“Bruh! We went to high school together, high school friends. We went to different schools and I was a freshman and he was a senior,” she said. “All my friends knew him, but I still loved him to death.”

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