Baby found abandoned in New York City hospital ‘released into foster care’

A 13-month-old girl who was found in a toilet bowl at a Bronx hospital on New Year’s Eve was discharged from the facility and released into foster care on Friday, the New York Post reported. The baby was found by a radiologist near the MRI scanner at Mount Sinai Hospital and taken to the pediatric emergency department for treatment after she was reported missing at 12:15 p.m. Her mother was a patient in another hospital nearby but had passed her child to the primary care physician when she left. Neither doctor had seen the child and tried to send her home. Instead, they called police to report her missing and brought the newborn to hospital. Police then identified an 89-year-old woman who had left a room at the hospital four hours earlier and was later arrested on a burglary charge after medical staff recognized her from the news. “It’s a small world, so there’s a possibility that when someone leaves a room they do leave the baby with them,” said Dr. Samuel Sinyangwe, the Mount Sinai medical director for emergency room services. “It’s rare, but not unheard of.” The hospital has paid for the baby’s immediate medical treatment as well as for her recovery from her injuries, the NYPD told the Post. No criminal charges have been brought against the mother, and she was issued a summons and released from police custody on Tuesday, the Post reported.

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