Author Loves to Be Older Sister, My Brother Is Unhappy With Them Both

I am a younger sister to an older brother. Our relationship has always been tight and he has been very protective. When I was little, my mom remarried a man that she didn’t love. My father always let us move freely and thought that our mom was still in love with my dad. I was in love with my dad and eventually left. My brother had moved out two years earlier. The relationship between the dad and my brother has always been strained. My mom has been seeing a therapist, I moved out and in for three years, then it just stopped. I’m scared to go to her and he has told me he doesn’t want anything to do with me after he sees how controlling I am. He is not ready to get back together with me and I’m not ready to lose him either. I want my relationship to work with my brother.

Can’t you see that your brothers needs to be taken care of without you being in charge of it? She is dating. He wants to date her. In time, you will be able to live out your life with no lingering pain about how his relationship with her was. He could live in the present, worrying about his brother but not the past that is so easily destroyed. When he wants to get back together, you will have a better idea where he is in his mind. Get together to think about what you want to do in the future. Do you want to lose him? He needs you to move on because he has been through all of this. His father is better and it is easier on him to forgive his sister. Now, he has to find his way back to you.

He can’t pick you up and move back in right now. He can’t do much except watch your house and send flowers to you and worry about your well-being. He cannot change your mind. This is not you saying this. It is him. He needs you to respect his need for closure and not make him miserable any longer. He needs to let you live your life and help you live it right now without demanding you live a life that he would never want.

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