Adele’s ‘25’ does the impossible: Does her new album seem dated?

The 35-year-old singer had her second UK number one album in a row with “25,” released in 2015, and she has been mining those hits for “30.”

Critics were generally positive about her new album. The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis was impressed with its “Hollywood reminiscence, laid back Sinatra sound.”

It strikes a surprising and vulnerable note; like Adele, 30 is eternally young, feeling like someone she can never be.

It’s also packed with her signature songs, including “Hello,” “Make You Feel My Love,” “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” and “Water Under the Bridge.”

This isn’t just another standard album, though. Many reviews reference Adele’s recently rekindled romance with long-time boyfriend Simon Konecki.

The Daily Mail described the album as “featuring some deep tracks which portray her as a true romantic;” while The Independent’s Stephen Moss noted how “the deeply romantic songs and the accompanying videos seem to have borne fruit – she’s back together with her longtime partner Simon Konecki, the father of her new child.”

The Guardian was even more gushing.

Certainly it seems that the wonderful love songs of her previous disc are now her favourites – some of the great love songs of all time. Her new album shifts between those tender moments and the painful ones. It moves between crying in love and singing about pain.

But the big surprise isn’t her vocal, which has clearly become a thing of beauty – even for some out of tune critics. It’s her eighth studio album, and her first full-length album of original material in three years.

Only Bowie and Paul McCartney have made more albums of original material than Adele.

It’s great that she’s finally returned to the creativity she relied on early in her career, but is it time for the backlash?

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