Accused of arson, jury deliberates for 23 hours

A man has been facing a jury for 23 hours and they are still having a tough time reaching a verdict. They are currently deliberating the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse who stands accused of setting an accident that left four women dead.

Jurors have been at the courthouse for 24 hours and have adjourned from deliberations until Monday. Rittenhouse was accused of intentionally setting fire to a pickup truck on February 5, 2015. No one on the truck was injured. One of the women in the truck survived, however, the fire caused her suffering.

Around three hours ago, the jury sent the judge a note, urging him to send them back out to deliberate. According to the judge, they will have to come back on Monday because of Columbus Day.

There are some options of defense the jury could consider. The judge has already decided that Rittenhouse’s “unconstitutional” confession to police will be addressed in court.

“Doing any reasonable person’s diligence, which includes certain of the police and certain of the prosecutors, the element that I’m measuring it is you expect that there will be a confession that occurred here,” he said.

Judge Justin Yates dismissed the possibility of giving the jury a reason not to convict Rittenhouse. It was one of two things that he could do with that power. The only other option was to grant him a not guilty verdict.

There was also a question about whether Rittenhouse’s wife could testify in court. It would have been heard through a video link from her parents’ home. That testimony would have given a different perspective.

The judge, however, determined that prosecutors had “sufficient evidence to establish a prosecution.” He indicated that it would be improper for defense to challenge the testimony of a witness that they might not want to include in their case.

The jury started deliberating on Friday at about 4 p.m.

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